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Sunday, March 21, 2010

"BiqCloZet" In The Making!

I'm going to start a pretty personal online shop that slightly similar to my previous garage sale that I had 3 years ago. Am gonna call it,
"BiqCloZet" (how bout that? Coz they are handpicked by ME! Swallow that :D)

Basically, I have too many things in my closet...clothes, accessories, shoes, you name it. I have a bad habit where I only wore once (okay, maybe twice), then it will be at the bottom down of less-favorita-folded-clothes on the next day. Can't help it! Believe me, those clothes even walk to hubby's closet just to get a minor chance to say "Halo, I'm still here! Remember me?" right to my face! (I bet hubby gonna have rolling eyes then.)

Some clothes are becoming smaller (in denial that I AM THE ONE who are becoming bigger and bigger each day) and some, I just don't have the heart/feel to wear it anymore. Simple. Not to mention, I love shoes but not all shoes love me. They failed me most of the time. So I need to get rid of them, as soon as I can (thank god, some of them already line-up in Zaff's shoe rack.)

Besides used clothes and shoes, I also have tonnes and tonnes of accessories that I hardly wear. To name it, earings and beaded necklaces. Three words that I can describe on the feeling of having them are, I HATE THEM. (They came from China, don't ask me why I bought them, will you?)

Uh-uh, not all items on sale are used pieces. I will definitely get you guys new items not for BiqCloZet, but for "your closet". This idea being hold back for quite some time when I start to travel around Asia. I usually buy things for my family and close friends besides myself. Getting an urge from Dibitz the online business-minded guru, and Deb the business-mindset lawyer, I think we have come to an agreement! (Anyone, ANYONE who wants to sell my things, you are welcome to do so.) Am gonna call it,
"Sell Biq's, You Get Tips!" (I might be talkative but I don't know how to sell.)

When will I start? Right after I screen my clozet and right after I came back from Phuket-Krabi. Okie-Dokie?

Shall I start with "cheap wall deco sticker"?


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