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Sunday, March 21, 2010

BiqClozet - Cheap Wall Sticker On Sale!

Everyone knows that Ikea wall sticker cost you RM69.00 for a set...and guess how much I bought 3 sets of wall stickers? F**king cheap!!!

Size for each set is approx. 2 and 1/2 feet.
(Ikea's is bigger...but this is cheaper.)

Here, I used 2 sets of wall stickers.
(Match with red+black bedsheet!)

Here, I used 1 set of wall sticker.
(Match with white+pink bedsheet!)

There are many shapes and colors, and each set has different amount of pieces. Garden flowers like sunflowers/tulips/roses/bamboos, birds, butterflies and cats, indoor plants with vases, lamp posts with buildings, cartoons like snow whites/disneys/lilo/spongebob, abstracts with lines and dots, black and only black patterns, and many more.

How to? Easy!
1) Wipe the wall from dust with a dry small towel or handkerchief.
2) Stick one piece at at time (do not stick the whole thing first).
3) Give a minor tap on each piece (down, middle, top) for you to have a pre-view on what you are going to do.
4) Once all pieces are well positioned, then use that dry small towel or handkerchief to give the major press on each piece.
Remember : Do not wipe the sticker (coz you might tear it!). Just tap, tap, and tap. Ok?

Wanna try? I'm thinking of being a dealer. I'll be selling 1 set for RM10.00 and 3 sets for RM25.00. Same or different patterns (mix and match), its your call. Be creative and give it a try! Buzz/email me at to make your order.


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