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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Thank You Note to Customers!

I would like to thank Sylvia from Miri, who just ordered 10 pieces of wall stickers and her willingness to change to other designs when what she wanted are no longer in stock. Thank you Sylvia!
Wait for the box and I hope you'll like them!
Below are your orders :
BB01 - 3 pcs

- 2 pcs

DD04 - 3 pcs

BB06 - 2 pcs

(Note : BB01 - 1 pc, BB04 - 1pc, BB06 - 2 pcs REPLACED DD06 - 4 pcs)

Elly @ Cicakuben, thanks for your support too :) nak lagi kan? kan?


cicakuben said...

of cos nk lgi..yg book tu simpan dlu yea..ajip xbg elaun lg..bnyk blnje,makngah c luna kawen ujung mgu lepas :(

Biqque said...

dah simpan...takpe, janji confirm amik sbb i dah amik dari supplier :) okeh?

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